The “my photos are being rejected” thing!

The “my photos are being rejected” thing!

Our goal is to inspire.
We believe we achieve this because we curate and thus maintain a certain level of quality and consistency.

We understand that rejection sometimes may come across as unfair, but it is never meant as a personal thing.

If it happens to you, consider this:
You are in good company. Most members have encountered a rejected picture once or a few times.
No need to feel sad or frustrated about it.

You may understand that we sometimes make a mistake or decide in a way you wouldn’t have expected.

You can usually approach us personally and ask for the reason.
Do not be shy! It happened that we reversed a decision after a thoughtful discussion with you.

But please do not overstretch this:
Maintaining a group of nearly 6000 members means a lot of work – make it easy.

Truly yours,
Markus, Marisa and Olga