Publisher’s note

The photographs in this book are a selection from thousands of images posted in a Facebook group with the same title as the book: The B-sides of Architecture.

32 photographers from 12 different countries contributed to this book. Some come from a professional background, others are dedicated amateurs, shooting with all kinds of cameras including such found in smartphones. You may therefore notice a variation in the technical quality. This was intentional, just like the miscellany of settings and places.

Our objective was to give you an overview as broad as possible of the subject and the ways how to approach it.

We hope you will find this material inspiring.

Markus Lehr, October 2020

  • 32 photographers from 12 different countries
  • 96 colour pictures
  • 144 pages printed on finest quality matte paper
  • Deluxe size: 306×280 mm
  • Graphic design by Mika Okawa
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