Guides for the group on Facebook

Guides for the group on Facebook

What is this group about?

The idea behind the group is to collect inspiring visual examples of the B-sides of architecture, including scenes or situations of “found art”. Additionally, pictures that do not take the B-sides too seriously are also welcome here. For example, C-sides, all aspects of architecture gone wrong, unplanned or “undesigned” architecture as well as “overly” planned ones. What is an inspiring picture in the B-sides of architecture group? Pictures that uncover architecture’s hidden world: The neglected, improvised, and often chaotic aspects that keep buildings and their inhabitants alive. A world of pipes, cables, waste accumulation, and transformations. A hidden world where users become architects. A great way to start looking into this is our first “B-sides book” which you can find here:


B-sides where architecture does not have an essential function (applies especially to minimalist pictures and such where graffiti is the main interest of the shot), HDR, oversaturated colours, bad resolution, bad quality, bad snapshots, Ruins, castles, lost places, nostalgic street shots of old Italian towns (“Italian” can be replaced by any other countries)

Urban landscapes

When is it a B-side? And when is it not? See here about what we advise: